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MEet Micah Valentine.

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My name is Micah, and I am a Freelance Digital Marketer, also known as an affiliate marketer. You may or may not have heard of these titles before (I know I hadn't) but i'm here to tell you this is a very real and very profitable way to make a passive income online

  • Passionate About Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate Marketing is what I believe to be the key to what gets me off the ground and open up opportunitys to achieve my dream!
  • Proven Track Record of Success: I am not a proffessional I've only made 1 commission, but I do believe that with the hard work I put in and with consististy I will achieve my goals.
  • ​Commitment to Helping Others Succeed: I have always had the passion to help others, and I find joy when I can help someone succeed. I believe everyone has the abilitity to achieve their dreams.
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The 15-Day business builder challenge

This is the course I took to learn everything I know about affiliate marketing and although I haven't found success yet, this course has made thousands of ordinary people 6-figures a year after taking this course!

  • What You GetOver the course of 15 days, you'll gain access to expert training, actionable insights, and step-by-step guidance. And way MORE!
  • How Much Does it Cost: This Training Is Jammed packed with information from $200 Million CEO David Sharpe for ONLY $7
  • Do You Need any Prior Experience?: Nope! To embark on the exciting journey of the '15 Day Business Builder Challenge,' all you need is a strong desire to succeed in the world of affiliate marketing and online entrepreneurship. This challenge is perfect for both beginners seeking a solid foundation and experienced marketers looking to refine their skills.


To my Blog.

Join me on an exciting journey into the realms of affiliate marketing, online business, entrepreneurship, and personal development. My blog is your guiding light as I embark on this beginner's adventure, sharing every step of the way. Discover the ins and outs of affiliate marketing, where we'll explore effective strategies to jumpstart your online business. Alongside, delve into the world of entrepreneurship, uncovering the entrepreneurial mindset, goal-setting, and personal development techniques that will be our compass on this path to success. Together, we'll learn, grow, and conquer the digital landscape, one step at a time.

Affiliate Marketing

Dive deep into the world of affiliate marketing, sharing tips, techniques, and best practices to help you succeed.

Personal Development

we'll explore various aspects of self-improvement that are crucial for entrepreneurial success. Topics will include time management, effective communication, building self-confidence, and resilience in the face of challenges.


We'll discuss goal setting, time management, leadership, and overcoming challenges on the path to entrepreneurship.

Online Business

I'll Provide valuable insights into running a successful online business. Discuss e-commerce trends, business models, and the tools and technologies that can propel an online venture to success.

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